Okay, I get it: Chicago

For the past few months, since I visited the fair city, it has been popping up everywhere. So much so that I had to start writing everything down so I wouldn't forget.
  • Judy Chicago, a textile master, has an upcoming show at the Textile Museum of Canada. Just recently, I found vintage copies of her books that I've used for collages for years and years.
  • I found these strange name tags on the street of my hometown from someone who was hosting a Chicago-themed, speakeasy murder mystery party or something.
  • The grand prize at a fundraiser I volunteered at last month was a trip to Chicago.
  • The majority of movies I've been watching lately (even unplanned ones on TV) are set in Chicago.
  • I spotted a transport truck from New York on the highway with Chicago graffitied on it with a stencil.
  • The author of my current bible just conveyed an anecdote where she moves to Chicago.
  • And now, I found out that the amazing modernist house from Ferris Beuller's Day Off is for sale. Where? Chicago.

source coolhunting

Time will tell what this all means. Until then, I'm happily keeping track of these strange little peeks into another world.

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