In progress

I've been screen printing my escape drawings on these Moleskins for the past two weeks and generally messing around.

Here's some more. I might end up cutting these up and using them for something else. I like the idea of overlapping these in between lines with other shapes/things and seeing what happens.


Marina City collage, check

Finally finished! It took some time because
a) I've been filling my time with other projects;
b) The paper pieces are minuscule and the work was too physically tiring to do for more than an hour at a time;
c) I was resisting finishing.

Now that's it over, all I want to do is keep running my fingers over the teeny, crispy, glued pieces of paper.

Bank on Art

Bank on Art is an upcoming project by Kelly McCray where art will appear before and after banking transactions on ATMs. There will also be an accompanying online directory to promote the artists' work. The first ATM will be in Edward Day Gallery in August 2009.

Neat concept: I like the merging of currency and art. I wonder if there's a way to siphon money to the artists whose work appears on screen?

source: mercerunionhall.blogspot.com


Oh Ands

I can always count on A. Warhol for pithy quotables.

via flickr Tracey Sawatsky

Pink ones

My favourite colour as a kid was pink, but then I became a tomboy and thought pink below me. I gave my attention to blue. Well, now I'm back to the original choice. Full force. I want it painted pink.

I used magenta ink on my escape drawings tonight that was so vibrant, it stained my spatula.


Wicked marketing

Say what you will about Aritzia, but damn. They've got smarts.


Cooking escapes

I figured out something to do with my fire escape fixation. Part of the appeal for me, is the space in-between and the interplay between that space and things like darkness and secrets.

I love these little in-between rectangles.

Things that are wild

Normally I despise books from my childhood being made into Hollywood money-making machines. But, after swooning over this trailer in the theatre on Friday, I'm eating my words. Jonze has somehow managed to capture Sendak's grotesque, whimsical magic.



I have very few real regrets in my life. But, not buying this lone roller skate a few weeks ago is one of them. Whoever found it after me is one lucky bastard.


Alien trees

A few people told me once that I should keep making trees because I seem to be good at it. So, I tried to make some new ones, screen printing-style. They're a bit strange and remind me of crawling aliens. What to do with them?

My favourite is the broken one, below. I made it when the paper kept slipping off the table and I think it works because it looks like the cute little trees are going into orbit.



La Bohéme

La vie de la Bohéme is an aspiring artist's life spent on the margins of society in an atmosphere of books, art, thought and music, but for a true artist it can only be a preliminary stage of his development. He must leave before it destroys him—not by making him freeze or starve, but by arresting him in a world of dreams and hopes, of promiscuity and rebellion until, never really learning the discipline needed to write his poem or paint his watercolour, he despairs. Marcello sings "It's a beautiful life of false illusions. You believe, you hope and everything looks beautiful, but it's all illusions and utopias."
~The Opera Goer's Guide by M. Owen Lee
I took time to write this down, so it must be significant.


Getting paid

I'm continually amazed at what manifests when I keep repeating my desires. When I started screen printing back in October 2008, I kept thinking to myself that if I could figure out a way to get paid—well—for it that I'd be quite happy. And, it happened! In a small way, but it's a taste of what I could have, should I want it badly enough.

I agreed to screen print my company's name on some jute bags, having never printed on fabric before, much less jute which is close to a fine burlap. But, I kept thinking of Tim Gunn's (of Parson's/Project Runway fame) phrase "Make it work" and it's coming together nicely. More importantly, it's fun to do, so I don't mind sacrificing a few nights to complete the project.

I exposed the screen at Open Studio and screened the bags at home. My set up at home is far from ideal, especially compared to the luxury of massive tables and professional equipment at the studio. This merely underlines further my need for a more permanent studio space.

As per usual, my favourite bag is the one that I made all my mistakes on: it's grungy, sarcastic and ignores silly things like brand standards.


When the past visits

Every once in a while I come across a picture of myself from a night I can remember feeling kinda blech and I inevitably view my old self bathed in good light. I usually think something along the lines of "hm, I looked cute, I wonder why I wasted time worrying about ______?" The blank could be appearance, that guy or that girl – essentially anything purely outward.

I had similar thoughts tonight, when I came across this drawing I did a few years ago. I can remember that life drawing class and how vulnerable I felt about my skills. But you know what? I wasn't half bad. In fact, I might have even been half good.


New boyfriend

As if I'd post anything that trite! Though, I got your attention, no? Last summer, my friend cheekily called my bike my summer boyfriend. This weekend, I treated myself to a brand new one! Zipping around the city just got a whole lot more, well, zippy.


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

Ben Eine's shutter alphabet via flickr. Dedication, stealth, typography, altering physical environments, these are a few of my favourite things.


Romantic motherload

I found all of these today at a book sale fundraiser. How great are the covers?



I've been feeling quiet lately and not really in the exuberant posting mood. But, I still love this space and shall not abandon it. Promise.

On a completely unrelated note: here is my favourite summer accessory, hands down. I wear these vintage, 1950s sunglasses from Courage my Love everyday. I especially enjoy that they look just as fabulous on my face as they do perched on my head. Or, as below, sitting pretty on my desk at work.