Feeling the snap

Up until this weekend, I was feeling a bit bogged down and was not really making an effort to be inspired. I constantly view websites that showcase the work of many, many talented artists that often motivate me to keep working. But, there's no substitute for the authentic snap I feel when I find something wicked in the flesh.

I treated myself to these promotional booklets for an offset printer from the 1960s because they reminded me why I keep doing what I do. Even though the designs are bit dated, there's something precious about how much thought and care when into a promotional item such as this. Compared to present day where one can digitally print any old thing for a nominal fee, these booklets are works of art unto themselves.

Oh, and I like the pretty paper.

Man is a designer.

He designs for the betterment of his lot in the universe. He may design well or ill, feebly or powerfully. What he makes of his life depends on his vitality, his reason, his good will, his sense of responsibility to the whole and his individual integrity, his imagination and his spirit of adventure. The good designer, whether in art or architecture, engineering or advertising, will not be satistfied with the old moulds. He will be alive to all the discoveries and inventions, all the drives and ideals, of the contemporary world. Using the materials and methods of today, he will serve the needs of the world today, and he will lead the way tomorrow.

Understanding the past, serving the present, he will strive to see the patterns he creates as part of a larger greater pattern, the desing for living, the greater democracy, the richer, fuller life toward which all intelligent, responsible men are striving.


  1. Great find Jen. It looks fabulous but I bet that paper feels even better! :) K

  2. It's strange, I find that when I have something physical in my hands, being inspired and motivated to create is so much easier. Sometimes, browsing through the internet can be so numbing and sometimes, even discouraging at how many great artists there are out there. :) Love the typesetting on that booklet.