Usually, I look down my nose at New Year's resolvers who clog up the machines at the gym and crowd the yoga studio. This year, I find myself at an exciting crossroad and am using the uncanny timing to reflect on the year past and look forward to my desired achievements for 2010 and beyond. I've done the requisite list-making and day dreaming, of course, and the main goal for the new decade is to live a connection between my heart and mind. I decided to make something that symbolizes how I want the aforementioned achievements and actions to feel like.

I started by creating a foundation: coating an old board in black, shiny acrylic paint. It's rough around the edges, because I do love my grit.

I found myself with lots of leftover pink paper that I cut into squares and rectangles, then folded them into little cones. Paper is so resilient: the little guys stay shaped like that on their own! (Update: I did end up using double-sided photo mounting tape on half of them.) I imagined I was rolling dozens of massive pink joints: for those of you who know me, I hope that makes you giggle as much as it I did while doing it. I digress...The pink is my heart: fun, playful and intuitive.

I painted a few symbols with black acrylic on white paper and again folded them into cones that illustrate strength and balance. (Lately, I've been viewing lots of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.)

Then, I pasted all my paper cones on the board in a fluid way, drawing on the flow I'll continue to tap into. I'm not exactly sure what I've ended up with, but I do know that making this and having it around is going to help me stick to my resolve of uniting my mind and heart.

If you look closely, you'll see little squares of mirror rescued from a smashed disco ball I found in a dumpster (long story). These have been kicking around since the summer and I'm so excited that they finally found their place! I used them here because I think they represent the small doses of reflection that we all need to help make life a little more potent.

Happy twenty ten!


Subway Sign Marriage Proposal

Makes my cold heart melt. If it must happen, this is a rad way for it to unfold...

Toronto artist Posterchild recently took a break from installing art in NYC phone booths to propose to his girlfriend. He popped the the question by appropriating a sign reserved for ad space above a Manhattan subway stop. Posterchild writes:

She thought she was just helping me out with another street art project; I kept this covered until after it was installed and after the unveiling I was expecting some kind of reaction- but it took a little while to convince her that this was a proposal for real, and not just some art project!

And she said yes! Congrats!

source of my puddle-heart condition: urban prankster


Escapes installed, check. Taken down, check.

The short but sweet installation Escapes went really smoothly this weekend at City of Craft. It was an exhaustive joy to finish the piece and see people interact with it. The most satisfying part was talking with strangers about work and understanding that the concept makes sense to outsiders, too.

The most fun was seeing the lovely community in Toronto where art meets craft. There are insanely talented and supportive people who occupy this space and I'm happy to be a part of it in a small way. The entire experience has given me even more fuel to keep producing.

The fly by the seat of our pants strategy that Laurie and I employed throughout this process worked really well for us! I was really proud of the results and even happier with how we reached the end product without a major catastrophe throughout the collaboration. In fact, the experience has given me lots of confidence to keep on.

And, even though the idea of cutting out another fire escape silhouette makes my hands hurt, I'm fairly certain that my obsession with fire escapes has not nearly been satiated. We'll see how it all unfolds.

Here are some shots of the installation. Trying to explain how everything was situated makes my head throb, but hopefully this shows a bit of how it actually looked. I saw many people taking photos of it, so hopefully someone got at least one shot that pulls the components together.


I ♡ my projector

Reasons why I love my overhead projector:
1. It makes a loud humming noise that reminds me of a plane flying high overhead.
2. It has an on/off switch the is really large and makes me feel like I'm using a kid's toy camera with all those extra large buttons for easy use.
3. It emits warmth (I'm always cold).
4. It feels really low tech.
5. It has a compartment where the cord lives when not in use (I hate power cords).
6. It projects with a rounded frame that reminds me of photos from the 1980s.
7. It only has one basic function: to project transparencies. There's something comforting about a piece of technology that is uni-functional.
8. It was free and delivered to my door by a loved one.

Here are some shots of my lovely projector doing it's job very well onto my pink paper.