New tree collage, Australia-bound

I did a swap with Kylie and am months tardy on sending my side of the bargain. Though, I finally sent off my piece last week! (And really, I'm such a master procrastinator that it only got mailed because I asked an extra-helpful girl at work to do it for me.) It should arrive on her side of the world soonish. I blame part of my lateness on the piece itself: it hung up in my hallway for months begging to be finished but I just couldn't figure out what to do with it, despite it being mostly complete. In the end, I added little pink dots and cut the tree out of the paper, so that it was free from the confines of the paper edge. I hope she likes it: I remember her mentioning once about how much she loved trees.

I made this little tree out of random bits of paper I always have laying around. The trunk is made of amazing tin foil duct tape I found at Active Surplus, one of my favourite stores in Toronto for absurdity and practicality. Where else can one purchase yo-yos, dental equipment, hologram paper and mini light bulbs under one roof? Rarely do I leave there without a strange procurement that inevitably comes in handy in ways that I never imagine at at the time.

A brighter shot, mostly just to show off my nail colour.


  1. Thank you so much Jen!! It has arrived :) I think the pink dots finish it off beautifully. Kx