Illustrations in The Walrus Magazine

I'm very lucky to love my job and on most days, I love it quite a bit. Part of my job last month was to create these illustrations for the October issue of The Walrus. Take a look! Yes, they are handmade and yes, they are paper (and glue, along with some elbow grease).

I promised myself that I'd enjoy the process as much as possible and I did: these were really, really fun to do. I worked with a loose theme of the city from which to create the subjects. On reflection, the theme turned out okay. It was nice to work within parameters that had lots of give. Half the fun was collaborating with the talented, supportive and hilarious Walrus staff, especially Brian Morgan, Paul Kim and Alex Molotkow. Thanks, guys!

If you like what you see, you can download a free desktop wallpaper version of one of the illos, here.

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