On starting

Many things seems to be starting for me right now. Including this. I've started blogs in the past, but they felt a bit too personal, a bit contrived. The anonymity of the medium was too easy to spill my guts in a cryptic matter without really touching on anything important to me. I'm not interested in revealing too much (a la dooce) but am interested in showing elements I wouldn't normally share with my everyday people. Simultaneously, I hope my close ones will see themselves here and recognize me in my words.

Lately, I've been particularly grateful for the subtleties in my life—craft nights with friends; stolen, sunny days; crazy-ass coincidences; splurging on mani-pedis; buying flowers on the street—tiny happenings that bring me joy. Focusing on those seemingly insignificant details is leading me towards something fabulous. Hence, back to blogging. Blogging this time about actions. Doing my freakin' work.

I'm preparing for my very first craft show, the upcoming SpeakEasy at the Gladstone, April 2nd, 8pm-12am. I'm selling cards based on collages that I do from found paper. I'm not completely sure why I do these collages, or even if they could really be considered art. I'm not going indulge too deeply in that type of angst, however. The most important part is that I have a very real deadline, a display to design, cards to produce, shit to make, which was my motivation in the first place for submitting to the show.

I took a mini-break in Chicago last month and was blown away by the design and vibe of the mid-west American metropolis. Lots of photos. So much inspiration. One of my favs was Goldberg's Marina City buildings. I only have one short week left to produce a few more choice cards for the SpeakEasy. One vision is to take this sun drenched building and stacking layers upon layers (a thousand layers, like the dessert) of paper until it's abstract, only recognizable by it's scalloped edges.

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