Getting paid

I'm continually amazed at what manifests when I keep repeating my desires. When I started screen printing back in October 2008, I kept thinking to myself that if I could figure out a way to get paid—well—for it that I'd be quite happy. And, it happened! In a small way, but it's a taste of what I could have, should I want it badly enough.

I agreed to screen print my company's name on some jute bags, having never printed on fabric before, much less jute which is close to a fine burlap. But, I kept thinking of Tim Gunn's (of Parson's/Project Runway fame) phrase "Make it work" and it's coming together nicely. More importantly, it's fun to do, so I don't mind sacrificing a few nights to complete the project.

I exposed the screen at Open Studio and screened the bags at home. My set up at home is far from ideal, especially compared to the luxury of massive tables and professional equipment at the studio. This merely underlines further my need for a more permanent studio space.

As per usual, my favourite bag is the one that I made all my mistakes on: it's grungy, sarcastic and ignores silly things like brand standards.

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