Heart day

Usually I can't be bothered with Valentine's Day regardless of what box I'm currently occupying in the relationship status section of my life. But, this year, I'm obsessed with hearts! So much so that I must've cut out about a hundred to make valentines that I sent to loved ones. I was a bit late in sending them out in the mail, but I figured, it's so rare to get a valentine in the mail these days that no one will complain when they finally do get theirs.

I drew imperfect hearts and cut them out with my trusty exacto knife.

I found lots of colourful paper in my stash and taped up the holes. Then, I glued pretty paper on the backsides and cut everything to size.

I found some red paper amoung my things and cut lots and lots of teeny hearts with scissors.

I placed each valentine face down and sprinkled with a generous helping of my heart confetti that will fall everywhere once the envelope is excitedly ripped open. (I tested this in person with a friend, it works!)

I sealed everything with amazing tinfoil duct tape that I cut into hearts, of course!

1 comment:

  1. just got mine today. thank you!!
    (i can see mine in the picture too - i like it!) looks like butterflies.