Scary Christmas Illustration for The Walrus

Essentially, I have all the same things to say this time around: I had an amazing time making this illustration and had a really fun time working with all the usual brilliant folks, namely Brian Morgan, Paul Kim, Meredith Holigroski and the piece's editor, Alex Molotkow. The article by Derek McCormack explores the connections between Halloween and Christmas and is a really great read.

I had the privilege to work with the wonderful photographer, Jaime Hogge. Not only was he fun to sit around and chat with, I felt totally confident with him and tried my best not to be one of those hovering art directors. I probably was anyway, but Jaime humoured me expertly, and I'm really happy with the result.

Everyone always asks how long these paper illustrations take me. A long freakin' time. Anything worth making takes work and paper is really finicky to manipulate. This one was no exception, but I was really pleased with the way everything seemed to click into place. All in all, the time and effort was well worth it.

This is a case where the screen really doesn't capture all the little details, so go buy a copy of The Walrus' December issue when it hits newsstands, already!


  1. I really love the work you're doing these days, Jen. I'm always very impressed when I see something new pop up here or in your twitter feed.