New Website!

At long, long last I finally have a website. It's taken me so many attempts to make a website that I'm excited to share with the world. In retrospect, I think my reticence to put my work out there had to do with not having a ton of work in my portfolio that I loved. There's so much advice on how to be a successful creative professional. One thought that I've heard so many people say in many different ways is only show work that you want to do more of. I feel lucky that I've had lots of opportunities to make work that is unique and truly reflects who I am not only as a creative professional, but as a human being.

Please take a look at my new website! I've taken care to only include work that I really, really like or downright love.



  1. Weird… where did all of your magazine design work go?

    1. I decided to have my website focus on paper art / illustration. Out of curiosity, who is this? Do I know you in real life?