Now that you've learned how to speak, what will you say?

I found the above quote somewhere in the broad, murky sea, just off the shore of Internet-land via a blog called togetlost. I don't know who wrote it, but it stuck with me.

An interview with Ze Frank on Imaginary Audiences got me thinking about the purpose of being here in this space. He speaks of the nativity of creating only for oneself without considering audience, which I'm not completely on board with, but find intriguing.

I like to tell myself that whatever I choose to post here is complete self indulgence: I'm just regurgitating things I love in a way that's (hopefully) not too diary-esque but revealing nonetheless. And, maybe sharing some of my humble interpretations of my experience. Yet, I get a thrill when people tell me they like what they see here, or one of you leaves a comment. And, truthfully, if I didn't want to share, I'd stay cocooned in my own world. Revisioning my purpose here, I see that it's morphed into a sort of breathing. Once, I heard a street artist characterize her ad jams as breathing out: we breathe in messages everyday, consequently, her art is a natural reaction. It's impossible to estimate, but sources say anywhere from 150-3000 ads per day are read in some shape or form by the average Northerner.

Breathing out sounds better than self-indulgence, yes? Yes.

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