I ♡ my projector

Reasons why I love my overhead projector:
1. It makes a loud humming noise that reminds me of a plane flying high overhead.
2. It has an on/off switch the is really large and makes me feel like I'm using a kid's toy camera with all those extra large buttons for easy use.
3. It emits warmth (I'm always cold).
4. It feels really low tech.
5. It has a compartment where the cord lives when not in use (I hate power cords).
6. It projects with a rounded frame that reminds me of photos from the 1980s.
7. It only has one basic function: to project transparencies. There's something comforting about a piece of technology that is uni-functional.
8. It was free and delivered to my door by a loved one.

Here are some shots of my lovely projector doing it's job very well onto my pink paper.


  1. these look sooooo cool. it would be cool if we could even incorporate the projector next weekend... hmmm

  2. They look fabulous. I'm loving the sound of your projector too - we have an old one tucked away somewhere... must find it one day, they are such gorgeous pieces of usefulness ;) K