Excited about a textbook

I know, I know. Excited about a textbook? But, this one is truly special. Well considered and beautiful; definitely worth lugging to the local coffee shop and leafing through for an afternoon. I love it when books find their way in my hands. The story goes like this: I was supposed to be doing other things. Instead, I was deep in conversation on the phone, chatting about anything and everything. The doorbell rang; I opened it, though I wasn't expecting anyone. A friend was dropping off long-borrowed stuffs some of which I'd forgotten I owned! I said goodbye to my phone friend. My doorbell friend and I spontaneously went for lunch in Kensington Market and afterward, popped into good egg, where I found this treasure that became my birthday gift to myself, thanks to the urging of my partner in crime.

The Printmaking Bible by Ann d'Arcy Hughes and Hebe Vernon-Morris

Thank you, good egg for being such a well curated store!

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