death as change

Here, I’m exploring death as symbolic of change. Death tends to be viewed negatively in Western culture; however, death can mean the end of a cycle and mark the beginning of new chapters. The haunting, beautiful image of Vivien Leigh reminds me that defining oneself with purely outward successes such as beauty and status is an empty, constructed definition. Much more productive, though often the more difficult path, is to take time to reflect and focus on how we react to change.

NB: I continue to be surprised at the darkness that I express. Despite the haughtiness of this post, don't fret: I still have lots of lighter, superficiality in me. I won't stop wearing bright pink lipstick anytime soon.


  1. I think it's fabulous, Jen. I'm constantly surprised at how drawn I am to 'darker' works - they always have more depth for me. Doesn't Vivienne Leigh's face have a corpse-like look already...? Spooky! :) K

  2. Yes, I thought so too about the cadaver resemblance! Thanks so much for the support, Kylie. I really appreciate it because I was nervous to post this one.