What good have you done today?

I found this post and here's what Benjamin Franklin used to use to motivate himself to create each day. A simple schedule and a question posed in the morning: What good shall I do this day? And in the evening: What good have I done today?

It comforts me to know that even this wonderful genius tackled his tasks by placing one foot in front of the other.

source Maria Kalman NYtimes blog


  1. Oh my... this is rather special - I love it. It could back fire on someone like me, though... there's probably one column that will always be bigger than the other! ;) Thanks for sharing, Jen - fab find. K

  2. Jen.. me again.
    What a gift! I've just been devouring Kalman's NY Times blog and i feel that giddy sensation of utter devotion!
    (Who'd ever suppose I'm prone to exaggeration?!)
    What a find - what an absolutely amazing find.
    Thank you so much :) K