The worst trip ever

No matter how lovely the hotel room, or how nice the new place is that I'm visiting, traveling is inevitably stressful. Almost every trip I've been on has its ups and downs. Ultimately, I remember the good parts years later and somehow, even the horrible parts become hilarious. Here, I recall every time I wanted to push my travel companion(s) under a bus for having to pee at inopportune times or tear up the map out of frustration of getting lost, again. (Somehow, I can read maps with ease but still manage to get lost even in my hometown. Let's just say I'm directionally challenged.)

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  1. Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog : )
    I looove libraries, and actually I have some family members with the last name Terryberry, so that's what it made me think of! I had no idea where Terryberry library is, Hamilton?

    Hope to meet you on Sunday!