et maintenant


Much worse than a hangover are the days after an event, especially one with which I'm intimately involved. The organized chaos that once was, now feels merely like a mess. Yet, purging myself of the remains feels amazing.

Unable to stomach cramming more stuff into my closet, I sold about one hundred books at BMV today. The whole experience of watching five years of my life in books zoom before me was eye-opening to say the least. I'm reminded of George Carlin's brilliant and timely monologue on consumer culture:
So when you get right down to it, your house is nothing more than a place to keep your stuff...while you go out and get more stuff. 'Cause that's what this country is all about. Tryin' to get more stuff. Stuff you don't want, stuff you don't need, stuff that's poorly made, stuff that's overpriced. Even stuff you can't afford! Gotta keep on gettin' more stuff. Otherwise someone else might wind up with more stuff. Can't let that happen. Gotta have the most stuff.
It always shocks me that few people my age know G. Carlin. He was so great. I wonder where he is now that he's gone? I digress.

I'm working on clearing phyical and figurative space for my next projects. In the meantime, I'll keep walking along.

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