An Organic Affair

A good friend participated in The Otesha Project last summer and invited me to a fundraising event called The Organic Affair a few weekends ago. Looking back on the photos from the day reminded me how inspired I was, witnessing these unique individuals walk the talk. The project is all about making small and large changes in your life to affect the environment positively. Groups of young people cycle across Canada for 3 months, making presentations to communities about environmental issues and change. Rather than jumping on the guilt bandwagon, Otesha's approach is to appeal to making these changes as personal choice. Really, I see it as encouraging the general public to grow and question why we live the way we live.

This may seem to veer off the purposeful track of this space, which is to document stuff I'm working on. But, while at the event, I stumbled on a recycled book some Otesha volunteers put together. It inpsired me to make my own, which I'll post here soon. I suspect making these books will soon become a new obsession.

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  1. Jen, I love these photos. Your photos aren't ever over thought which is what I love about them.