I heart handmade

The five people who read this regularly will know that I'm currently ripping through journals like toilet paper. Crude, yet very true. I also happen to generate an insane amount of fine paper waste. I figured I'd solve the two problems with one solution: a journal made of reused paper. I stitched the paper together with bright green embroidery thread and bought fabric from The Workroom to cover the jacket. I'm proud to say that even the jacket is reclaimed: I used chipboard from an old clipboard.

Confession: I subconsciously cut the fabric very poorly in front of one of my friends who is skilled with her sewing machine knowing that she would promptly sew the cover for the jacket for me. I'm lucky to have friends who indulge my bratty side every once in awhile.

Now, I have a handmade, Frankenstein's-monsterish journal that I adore writing in every morning simply because I made it (mostly) myself.