Five people I'll never meet

Serving as dingy backdrops for drunken, sweaty nights are various establishments throughout my city. Bars are by their very nature, ephemeral. I was curious about one that had closed it's doors a few years and reopened with a predictable name and ambiance. The place I fondly remember had amazing, textured wood floors covered in candle wax, candy and old carpets thinned from various kinds of debauchery. Now it's just sticky with spilled beer. Stripped of it's rich character and depth, the new incarnation only served to deepen my nostalgia for the old place.

The saving grace of being forced to remember what a great place the bar was, was the company I was with and the fact that, inexplicably, there was karaoke in the middle of a legion hall-style bar. The names of singers were called out by a guy who clearly hated his job and just wanted to practice his bass in his basement apartment. I stole a few of the sign-up cards.

Here's who I imagine wrote these:

Michelle/"Sunday Morning"/No Doubt > Clearly a girlie girl who is also a bit edgy. She's the only one of the lot who detailed the band as artist, which I thought cute. She probably listened to No Doubt when she was in middle school and now dresses to emulate Gwen Stefani though would never admit it because Gwen is too mainstream.

Jimmy/"New Orleans is Sinking"/Tragically Hip > Went to Queen's, was in a frat and is from small town Ontario. Has travelled at least once to see the Hip in another city. Jimmy was deliriously drunk as that's the only way he'd allow himself to be vulnerable and semi-artistic as singing in front of his guy friends.

Nick/"Wanted Dead or Alive"/Bon Jovi > Had to have been wearing plaid of some sort, though not in an updated 90s manner. I'll bet when he sang this, he grabbed a few girls to bring up with him. Falls into the "he's so nice" category.

Drew/"Life During Wartime"/Talking Heads > Drew wrote down the band as "Talking Head!!!" and underlined it. This guy has decent taste in music and probably draws everyday. He was wearing a vintage T-shirt that was a Value Village find – he'd look down his nose at vintage not bought in a proper second-hand store.

Rudder & Shayne/"Master of Puppets"/Metallica > These two are best friends who have known each other for at least 5 years, which they claim is forever. The call each other "brothers from another mother". Shayne gave Rudder (Ryan) his nickname after a camping trip in Algonquin park a few years ago when Ryan got drunk and fell out of the canoe after drinking too many Wildcat Strongs from the can.

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